Hori Zone Vulture Camo RH/65

Hori Zone Vulture Camo RH/65

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Hori Zone Vulture Black RH/65

A high performance compound bow for kids and the young archer at a budget price.  This package includes everything you need to get started.  Fully adjustable from 20" to 29" inch via an adjustable draw length module, also has a 20lb draw weight adjustment.  Easy to adjustment with supplied allen key and no bow press is needed.   The Vulture cams also feature an infinity draw adjustment.  

This package comes with the following:

Soft Bow Case, Release Aid, 5 arrows, 5 arrow bow quiver, biscuit style rest, 3 pin sight, peep sight, stabilizer, wrist sling, d-loop fitted and instructions.

Axle to Axle: 30 1/4"

Brace: 7"

Draw Length 20"-29"

Poundage: to 65lbs

Right Hand only