Sierra 6.5MM 85gr HP No 1700

Sierra 6.5MM 85gr HP No 1700

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SIERRA 6.5 MM/.264 CALIBER (.264) 85 GR. HP 

In rifles, the 85 grain #1700 Hollow Point is a thinly jacketed varmint bullet originally designed for medium-velocity cartridges in 6.5mm caliber, such as the Swedish 6.5x55 mm. Explosive expansion will occur in varmints and small game even at moderate velocities. It is appropriate for the entire range of 6.5mm cartridges (at appropriate velocities) for either varmint hunting or target shooting. Quarter minute of angle accuracy is quite common, even from the 264 magnum cartridges. It is equally accurate in cartridges with smaller case capacities.


For handguns, the #1700 bullet is an excellent choice for TCU size cartridges and target or varmint applications.  Shooters will enjoy this bullets' excellent accuracy, but will find them too light for full-size silhouettes.

The #1700 was introduced in 1960.