SOG Fari Kukri Machete 12"

SOG Fari Kukri Machete 12"

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The SOG SOGfari Kukri Machete is one of the most useful tools you will ever come across. This machete is perfect for clearing trails, making shelters, preparing meals, and much more. To make the machete even more useful, SOG added a working saw to the back of the blade that easily cuts through trees and branches.

The SOGfari Machete is well balanced and the handle is very comfortable for extended periods of use. The full length tang makes this machete very strong and virtually unbreakabke.


  • Finish: Hardcased Black
  • Blade Shape: Drop Point/Saw
  • Edge Type: Saw, Straight
  • Blade Steel Type: 3Cr13
  • Hardness: Rc. 44-50
  • Overall Length: 43.20cm
  • Product Weight: 425.25g
  • Blade Length: 30.48cm
  • Blade Thickness: 0.25cm